The Las Cotingas Ocean View Lodge

The Las Cotingas Ocean View Lodge

Traveling to, and enjoying a vacation in the Caribbean islands is a nice way to relax while taking a break from exhausting daily routines. One of the prime destinations is the Las Cotingas ocean view, a serene, attractive and popular lodge located in Drake bay, Costa Rica. Besides being an attractive lodge, Las Cotingas is surrounded by other popular attractions as well, such as beautiful beaches that have great views of the ocean. It attracts many tourists because of its connection with nature as well as its beautiful location. Therefore, this lodge is suitable for romantic trips, nature exploration, a weekend getaway or just rewinding.

The lodge has seven spacious rooms,

The lodge has seven spacious rooms, in addition to the library and balconies. The rooms usually have an occupancy rate of two people per room, although this number can be increased to three or five people per room, depending on the type of room. To have the occupancy rate increased, nevertheless, you have to get in touch directly with the management for adequate preparations to be made according to your request. Each room is fully furnished, fitted with a refrigerator, as well as a patio, complete with good service that attracts people to that place. This lodge provides property amenities like free Wi-Fi, free parking, laundry service, and daily housekeeping to all guests. In addition to these services, the resort has facilities like a private beach, luggage storage, a safe deposit box for storing valuable or confidential items, a library and a garden.

Las Cotingas offers both airport shuttle

Las Cotingas offers both airport shuttle and airport pickup service, but at an extra cost. The advantage is that the lodge is located near airports, consequently, facilitating transport for their guests, as well as their luggage is easier. There are also exciting activities that make this place attractive to visitors, activities like bird watching, whale watching, fishing, snorkelling, boat riding together with hiking on the Drake bay. The price of lodging there is not fixed, but it varies depending on the rates, number of guests, on top of the season. Generally, peak seasons are more expensive, however, the best season to visit and enjoy is from December to April when it is cooler, to ensure you enjoy the climate. There is plenty of food served, mostly Mexican dishes, but the place is located near several restaurants that serve a wide range of dishes.

The Las Cotingas Ocean View Lodge

Additionally, this resort is located near the city center, and this makes it easier for the visitors to access services that may not be offered at Las Cotingas. The management of Las Cotingas reacts swiftly to any difficulties or complaints concerning their service to ensure that their visitors enjoy the best comfort coupled with excellent accommodation. Security is guaranteed because the whole city is readily equipped to handle insecurity, hence the residents and tourists can feel safe. There were initially reports of petty crimes like pick pocketing, but they were dealt with and peace was restored. It is the largest lodge in that town, apart from being the most hospitable.

The staff of Las Cotingas strive to ensure that their customers are well attended to, according to their preferences. One way of doing this is by ensuring that these customers are attended to in languages they feel most comfortable using. Since there are several languages used, including Spanish, English, German and French, customers choose a language through which they wish to be attended to. French and German are languages that are taught in Costa Rica, a fact that made it easier to incorporate the two languages. This is an added advantage that helps to keep international tourists coming to Las Cotingas.

Health concerns are addressed in Las Cotingas too, since there are designated smoking areas that help to ensure nonsmokers are not affected either directly or passively, while giving smokers their freedom. Activities designed to help in exercising are widely participated in, such as swimming, diving, horse riding, along with hiking. Children’s welfare is also considered as there are provisions for children of various ages, in terms of their accommodation requirements. There are activities designed for children to keep them entertained while distracted from potentially dangerous things which are meant for adults. The lovely garden allows guests to reconnect with nature away from their busy city life.