Popular attractions around Las Cotingas

Popular attractions around Las Cotingas

Going for a trip or a vacation in the Caribbean islands is a dream come true. When you imagine these islands, what comes to mind is the deep blue waters, surfing activities, beautiful sunsets, and enjoyment. As a tourist, knowing where to sleep is important especially if you’re coming from far counties. Located in the heart of Costa Rica, Las Cotingas is a beautiful resort that offers the best accommodation for those coming on vacation. This is a place that you’ll go with all expectations, and you’ll fulfill all of them. Las Cotingas keeps vacation lovers coming for more because they can’t get enough of the resort Here are some of the popular attractions close to Las Cotingas.

Since Costa Rica is in the Caribbean, Las Cotingas offers some exquisite beaches with beautiful views of the ocean. Ocean views give you a sense of memory for they are eye-catching to watch. Las Cotingas is surrounded by beaches giving you a chance to enjoy views of Caribbean waters all around. Going to the beach to sunbathe is another activity you can’t miss around here. For most vacation lovers, sunbathing is a common activity as the island offers summer all year round with average temperatures. Ending your day swimming along the coastal waters of Las Cotingas will better your day.

Bird watching, a tourist attraction that

Las Cotingas waters are known to have big whales which are in large numbers. Whale watching is an attraction you can’t afford to miss while on vacation. The whales move while blowing bubbles of water in the air creating a stream of bubbles. Whale watching is a rare moment that is not found in many places on the planet. Having a rare chance to see them jumping up and landing deep into blue waters is a rare phenomenon. You will not be disappointed watching the largest living animal weighing more than 5 000 metric tons plumbing into the water leaving a buzz.

Bird watching, a tourist attraction that keeps tourists coming to Las Cotingas. When talking about bird species, Las Cotingas cannot be left behind for species richness. Las Cotingas has over 300 species of birds located just around the resort. Bird watching is good to see where you can’t get enough of the different species found here. Chirping is a common sound here where tourists wake up to the sweet sounds of birds. Taking trails around the beach allows you to see different bird species hunting fish along the coast. Others fly around to showcase their ability to maneuver in the air.

Another popular attraction found close to

Similarly, leaving Las Cotingas without going for a snorkeling activity is a waste of fun. Snorkeling is an activity that gives you a chance to see what’s beneath ocean water. The activity is common here where snorkelers go seeing marine life which is a rare opportunity. You’ll be given the necessary equipment ready for diving and seeing different marine life. Here, crabs, lobsters, oysters, starfish, octopus, dolphins, jellyfish, and other fish organisms are present. Snorkeling ensures you utilize your trip to the maximum by looking at some rare plants growing in the ocean.

Another popular attraction found close to Las Cotingas is the riding of boats. Boat riding is an attraction because you get a good chance to enjoy a trip across the ocean. Riding is common here where you choose the form of transport based on your taste. Las Cotingas gives you a chance of a lifetime to get a ride.

Popular attractions around Las Cotingas

To add taste to your trip, hiking in Drake Bay, a popular attraction allows tourists to experience nature far from home. Las Cotingas has nature trails lead by a group for staff willing to take guys close to nature. Hiking is important not only for recreational purposes but also for the general health of a body. These nature trails are designed in a way that you walk while seeing different animals located here. Having a chat with some other guys ensures you maximize your trip by making new friends. Hikes are usually fun because the friendly staff teaches you the history of Las Cotingas while showing you features. Walking in this calm environment with the only sounds being those of birds fulfills your day in Las Cotingas.

These attractions will ensure that your stay in Las Cotingas is complete without regrets. Be sure to carry along a pair of sunglasses for your eyes