Languages Spoken By Staff At Las Cotingas Lodge

Languages Spoken By Staff At Las Cotingas Lodge

Las Cotingas is a lodge located in Costa Rica. Based on the lodge’s size, among all other lodges in that area, Las Cotingas is the largest and the best in terms of customer service. It is located around 430 meters from the city, making the place good enough for new visitors. This place has got good infrastructure that influences faster and eases in movement, especially for the people going to the airport. Las Cotingas gives the best services by its ability to accommodate people from other nations and fairly treat them with the required respect.

This lodge has good and competent staff, especially the receptionists who strive to assist everyone. Staff people usually have a way of communicating with visitors. During the visitor registration period, they try to enquire about the best language he is good at. Ensuring that the staff knows more about visitor preference, receptionists try to send him to the appropriate person who will assist without any inconveniences.

German and French are other languages

English is the widely spoken language in most nations, making it easy for the Las Cotingas staff to use it. By speaking this language, these staffs try to cover most visitors since most nations study English in schools. Additionally, Spanish is used by Las Cotingas lodge staff when speaking with those who don’t understand.

German and French are other languages spoken in Costa Rica though few people usually speak. Staff members try their best to help such people this is used to make everyone. To feel satisfied and to experience a better environment without any regrets. In addition, this is the main reason that keeps Las Cotingas lodge outstanding with a unique customer approach, especially at the reception office.

Languages Spoken By Staff At Las Cotingas Lodge

Costa Rica adopted Spanish because they were colonized by Spain some years back. Staff members were brought up with a good perception of English and Spanish as commonly spoken languages within the area. Costa Rica has got 5 indigenous groups who speak different languages. Those visitors who can’t understand English or Spanish are helped by the conversant staff members. Those who use sign language are considered in Las Cotingas lodge, where they are well-served. If you want to go for your job trip or family trip, this is the place to go. You will experience the best environment, including the Drakes Bay Beach located near Las Cotingas premises.

Generally, staff members at Las Cotingas lodge try to use any appropriate language that citizens are conversant with. Sometimes, staffs give their customers to explain themselves on the better services they could recommend for future adoption that could lead even unique services. Occasionally, the staff members try to learn more languages that could help them in the future, but English and Spanish are widely used within lodge premises. In Las Cotingas lodge, being a business person or someone who is needed to be right on time in the workplace is the best lodge to live in. They usually offer timely breakfast at a lower price compared to the neighboring hotels.