Home at Cotingas Lodge

Home at Cotingas Lodge

If you’re looking for a spectacular location for your next vacation, there is just the place you need. Las Cotingas Lodge is a world-class lodge located in Costa Rica that provides a perfect getaway for any nature lover. With breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean along with an envious location, Las the lodge is the ultimate destination for those looking to relax or party on their next vacation. But there is a frequent question asked by those who wish to visit this elegant place. Is there transportation available from the airport to the lodge? Read on to find out all about Cotingas Lodge as well as the services offered.

Las Cotingas Lodge offers transportation to

Las Cotingas Lodge offers transportation to and from all major airports in San Jose. It is possible to rent a car in San Jose or Liberia. Be aware that cars are expensive here with limited space in the car for luggage. When traveling to San Jose, please visit the hotel’s Travel Policy and Policies page. Before you book your stay at Las Cotingas, know that this luxurious lodge does accommodate large groups of people. It is recommended to visit the hotel while in couples or small groups of up to 10, although small conferences arrangements can be discussed with Las Cotingas management.

For those who would like to

For those who would like to pay their transportation costs, United Air Lines and Delta Air Lines currently make their flights available daily from Costa Rica. Rapid transit options are also available from Oakland, Berkeley, San Rafael, and Austin on Southwest Airlines, or you can even buy tickets on Orbitz as well as some other travel websites. To make your stay at Las Cotingas even more environmentally friendly, practice some of the hotel’s routines to aid in the transition to forest bathing. Take time to dress in your finest and explore the area before visiting the forest itself. A vacation in nature means you’ll have more appreciation for the fragile ecosystems found in so many parts of Costa Rica. The lodge offers a home feeling where guests feel comfortable as well as blends in easily.

Home at Cotingas Lodge

The lodge is located about a half an hour drive from the Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose. This is an estimate only which is subject to change based on traffic and weather conditions. It has an all-inclusive resort area, a beachfront, and much more, all inside the walls of the beautiful rustic log cabins. The resort is set within 200 acres of pristine rainforest and includes five lodges complete with free Wi-Fi. These lodges are all connected by a huge magnificent turtle armor trail! If you venture anywhere outside the lodge boundary area, ensure you use personal protective equipment (PPE) or hire a guide.

The lodge’s rustic accommodations range from luxurious yurts to some flashy bungalows and condos, but you can get everything at an affordable cost. Guest rooms at Las Cotingas include beachfront cabanas, all-inclusive king beds, private bathrooms, and hot tubs. If you’re planning your next vacation, book your lodging at Las Cotingas Lodge now. The lodge has travel agents in most large cities in South America who can assist travelers if need be. Book now to reserve your cabin and also consider the rates of Puerto Rico as well as Costa Rica. You can book a private double room for approximately $1, 600 which is relatively cheap when compared to other lodges of the same caliber.

When you’re looking for an exciting trip to Costa Rica, Las Cotingas Lodge is the perfect place for you. Transport shouldn’t worry any visitor since the lodge will arrange for them. With tables and a Jacuzzi for you or your guests, as well as all the gadgets with indulgent amenities you could want, Las Cotingas Lodge is the perfect escape for every denizen. No matter where you are, in the city or the countryside, the hotel is the complete package to get you through your next vacation. As long as you like a glass of wine and big sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, there is what you need to make your stay extra special. Tours of the hotel are offered throughout the year, and if you have your bike, why not take the best sights of the tropical paradise on a tour across the Atlantic?