Gateway to Corcovado
Las Cotingas is situated at the northern gateway to the fantastic wildlife and
rainforest giants of Corcovado National Park.
Las Cotingas does not operate tours,
but can arrange local guides for
excursions to Corcovado National Park.
You will be amazed by the exotic tropical birds,
entertained by troops of playful monkeys, and may
cross paths with a coati, anteater or tapir.
A white nosed coati in search of a meal on the beach
near Sirena.
White-faced capuchin
monkeys are one of four
species of monkeys found in
Corcovado National Park.

You can also see and hear
owler monkeys, spider
monkeys, and squirrel
The collared anteater or tamandua roams the tree in
search of termites and ants.
Baird's tapir are an endangered species protected
within Corcovado National Park.
Corcovado National Park
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