What is the Weather Like?
Are There Many Bugs?
You'll be pleased to know
that the mosquitoes are not
around much except at dawn
or dusk.  If you are outdoors
at those times there will be a
few biting insects to greet
you.  With normal
precautions you won't find
the bugs to be a particularly
memorable part of your trip.
You can expect to collect a
few bites during your stay, so
bring appropriate lotions for
your skin.
The temperature is usually
between 75 and 85 degrees
Farhenheit. Humidity is
usually quite high and
afternoon thunderstorms are
common.  The "summer" dry
season starts in December
and runs through April.  
During this time the weather is
drier, although some clouds
and rain can be expected.  
The "winter" wet season
begins in May and lasts
through November.  The
months of September and
October are particularly wet.
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